Need for speed — How to squeeze every last drop out of macOS

A macOS performance tweaking guide for hardcore Android developers

Disable swapping

Excerpt of vm_pageout.h
$ sysctl -a vm.compressor_mode
vm.compressor_mode: 4
$ sudo nvram boot-args="vm_compressor=2"

Avoid memory being compressed

$ top -o CMPRS
$ top -o MEM

Android Studio and Gradle daemon

Don’t give too much to Android emulators

Recommended configuration for small devices
Recommended configuration for large devices

Avoid using Electron-based apps

Kill crazy system services to free memory

$ sudo killall mds
$ ps -ef | grep softwareupdated | awk ‘{print $2}’ | xargs sudo kill -9
$ killall Finder
$ killall Dock

Suspend browser tabs to free memory

Keep your Mac cool to avoid CPU throttling

Macs Fan Control keeps your Mac cool (but noisy)

Turn off eye candies

Disable antivirus apps

Don’t sleep

Programming on a Mac becomes great again

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